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C.I. is a company associated with the Quinteam Group, born of wide and discreet experience in meeting clients’ needs, with senior analysts in a range of fields (engineering, sociology, physics, law, communication, etc.) at its disposal, and which provides support for upper management in future planning and decision making.

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Competitive Intelligence is the process of analysing and interpreting circumstances for the strategic benefit of the company or organisation.


Results are communicated to decision makers in concise, relevant reports. Information about the financial, cultural, political, social, legal and technological reality of the ambit and the forces that affect it is collected from external data sources and processed (as opposed to BI, Business Intelligence, which is based on internal data), in order to obtain markers of future changes.


Competitive Intelligence is a forecasting tool to pick up signs that, as weak as they may be, provide a realistic view of the environment, both for security today and in anticipation of the future from a global perspective.


What is the competition’s income and how do they finance themselves? What are their alliances and their spheres of influence? How is their market evolving? What are their hiring and firing practices? What are their short-, medium-, and long-term goals? How do they innovate? How do they develop technology and patents? What international requests for tenders are being held, and what is the competition’s bid? How are they opening markets? What is behind their offer?


Companies and organisations must have substantial analytical capabilities to remain competitive in a rapidly changing global environment.


Unlike consultancy based on standard models of predictable factors, C.I. offers discreet, personalised support to decision makers to build a better future by analysing the unforeseen.


The aim is to design a more competitive future.